Mass Release Of Migrants Floods San Diego Streets, Airport

Following a recent mass release, some 1,500 migrants reportedly descended into San Diego’s airport.

Three days after the closure of a six million dollar public money-built migrant processing center that had been housed in an abandoned elementary school, Jim Desmond, the supervisor of San Diego County, said that the Border Patrol released over 1,500 migrants to the San Ysidro bus stop.

Desmond feels it is disgraceful for our country that this is “how we treat immigrants.”

According to Desmond, after only 4.5 months of receiving public funding, the San Diego Migrant Welcome Center allegedly ran out of money. As a haven where migrants could charge their phones and wait to be processed and moved on to their destinations, it used approximately $1.5 million monthly.

The center has processed more than 81,000 migrants since October. Following its closure, the San Diego airport received hundreds of migrants.

At about 7 p.m. on Friday, news crews from the station saw a busload of migrants approaching the airport.

According to FOX 5, one charity assisted migrants with flight check-ins, while another was observed providing food to migrants sleeping at the airport.

Mustapha Micradi, a migrant who could not access his Moroccan bank account, told the publication that he had slept outside the airport for around five days. He and many other migrants reportedly crossed the border, were processed by Border Patrol, and then were brought to a transit center, from where they boarded a bus to the airport. His goal was to get on a plane to New York.

More than a hundred migrants were reportedly dumped off at a bus stop in San Ysidro on Sunday morning, according to Desmond.

He mentioned that many migrants sought his advice on how to reach various locations, including New York and Virginia. According to Desmond’s recollection, some of the released migrants changed clothes in the spaces between cars in the parking lot of the MTS bus stop and relieved themselves there because there weren’t any restrooms nearby.

The supervisor mentioned that the county is home to one federal immigration center but insisted that the government take more action.