Mass Killing Suspect Withdraws His Insanity Plea

( Darrell Brooks Jr., the mass killer who supported the Black Lives Matter movement and drove an SUV into a crowd of people at the Waukesha, Wisconsin, Christmas Parade last year, has altered his plea in the impending trial for a second time.

In February, it was reported that Brooks entered a plea of not guilty to the charges against him.

A total of 62 people were injured due to the demonic attack. Eighteen children were hurt and taken to hospitals. Six people, including a child, died due to their injuries. Eight-year-old Jackson Sparks died in the hospital two days after the attack after being run over by a BLM driver at a Christmas parade along with dozens of other people.

On the other hand, Brooks modified his plea in June from “not guilty” to “not guilty by reason of mental sickness or defect.” Brooks had another change of heart the following day, September 9, and decided to withdraw his insanity plea.

According to statements made by Brooks’ mother, Darrell has suffered from mental health concerns since he was very young. For these issues, he underwent therapy and medication. As an adult, it was “decided that he no longer experienced a mental disease.

In response to the procedural questions posed by Judge Jennifer Dorow on Friday in court, Brooks provided very little justification for the choice he had made.

“I have my reasons why,” he stated, after admitting that he had discussed the positives and negatives of his decision with his attorneys to once more proceed with a straight not guilty plea.

In August, Judge Dorow issued a decision denying the defense’s two motions to throw out the case. The 19th of September has been set aside to begin the process of selecting a jury for the case, and the beginning of the trial is planned to take place on October 3.

The charges against Brooks include six counts of deliberate homicide in the first degree and 71 other criminal offenses.