Mary Trump’s Attempt To Sabotage Trump Didn’t Work Out

( According to reports, the tidal wave of Trump supporters in Texas did more than prove the 45th POTUS still has a fan base that Biden can only envy. That demonstrated how far Trump’s opponents will go to intentionally reduce the turnout for his visits. 

A report reveals that her efforts backfired spectacularly when Trump’s spiteful niece tried to discourage people from attending. 

Mary Trump, Donald Trump’s late brother Fred’s daughter, attempted to initiate a campaign on social media to block out the venue to real supporters by deceptively booking space in advance of the Trump event at a Waco local Airport in Waco. 

Mary Trump tweeted on Thursday that they could keep the 50,000-plus auditorium empty if they booked it. But that wasn’t how things worked out. 

Mary Trump’s 50,000 estimate comes from thin air. According to a KWTX-TV in Waco story last Thursday, organizers were hoping for 15,000 people at most. Mary Trump’s tweet didn’t have the desired effect, given that it was sent on the same day. 

A police officer who responded to the area on Saturday told the local media that the estimate was reasonable. 

Reports said the event drew a multitude of varying ages and ethnicities before the airport’s parking lots and gates opened.  

According to a report, in Waco, Texas, Trump issued a harsh critique of Manhattan DA Bragg, who is pursuing him for a matter that is neither a crime, a misdemeanor, or an affair, Trump claimed, as his fans waved “witch hunt” banners in the backdrop. 

The former President denied any romantic interest in or involvement with Stormy Daniels.  

Trump then offered a brutal statement.

Trump said that, in his opinion, Stormy had a horse face. He simply couldn’t have anything to do with her. She is not the one. Trump said our country was fortunate to have a first lady as wonderful as Melania Trump.  

Reports reveal Melania Trump spends her time doting on their son Barron Trump and working to fund foster care centers and other children in need.