Marjorie Taylor Greene Says It’s Time To “Fire Fauci”

( Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, the controversial Republican stripped of her committee assignments by Congressional Democrats, introduced two bills on Thursday – both unlikely to pass – calling for Dr. Anthony Fauci’s salary to be wiped out, and for the banning of COVID-19 vaccination passports.

Under the “Fire Fauci Act,” the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) would have his salary dropped to zero.

Speaking to the Washington Examiner, Green called Fauci a “self-promoting career bureaucrat” who “spent the last year getting it wrong almost all of the time.”

As well as slashing Fauci’s salary to zero, the Senate would appoint and confirm a new director. As it stands, the head of the NIAID is not subject to confirmation by the Senate, unlike many other major government officials.

Slashing his salary would be particularly painful, too. Fauci receives the biggest paycheck of any other federal worker. Rep. Greene’s office reported that Fauci currently earns $434,312 per year.

She claimed that the public health official has “continually failed to provide Americans with accurate information about the COVID-19 pandemic” and said he showed distrust in the American private sector.

Greene’s comments come after former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows told Steve Bannon on his “War Room” podcast that Fauci stood in the way of any COVID-19 efforts that didn’t involve Big Pharma.

“Every single therapeutic option we continued to press down and look at, and say we needed clinical data to support,” Meadows told Bannon. “We said let’s go ahead and make sure. We had so many people coming down with this virus that from a clinical trial standpoint, you could do clinical trials much more quickly and efficiently.”

“And yet what we found was just a complete Heisman on anything that was not by Big Pharma,” he added.

So maybe Rep. Greene has a point…

Rep. Greene’s bill also insists that Fauci’s office be audited, to allow Americans to “see what Dr. Fauci knew, when he knew it, what the NIAID spent money on, and what policy the organization recommended surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak.”

And then, under her “We Will Not Comply Act,” the use of vaccine passports would be banned, ensuring no American is discriminated against by businesses for not having taken the vaccine.

Neither bills are expected to pass…not by a long shot.