Marjorie Taylor Green Calls For Immigration Overhaul

( Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Green might not be universally popular, but she certainly knows how to rally support behind her with populist policy proposals.

This week, media outlets revealed how Rep. Taylor-Green was preparing to release a new bill that calls for a full moratorium on all immigration into the United States. The policy would also do more than just implement a moratorium, and would reinstate a number of important immigration measures put in place by President Donald Trump over the last four years.

These include the zero-tolerance policy that deterred foreign nationals from illegally entering the United States, the termination of chain migration that allows immigrants to bring over their entire family to the United States, and bringing back the southern border wall construction project.

Through President Donald Trump built 450 miles of wall during his first term as president (and a second one could be coming!), President Joe Biden ended the construction project and in some instances has left the wall half-built and abandoned. Rep. Taylor-Greene’s bill aims to fix that.

A full list of the measures set out in the upcoming bill is as follows:

– Reinstating zero-tolerance policy
– Repealing President Joe Biden’s open borders executive orders
– Funding and building the wall
– Encouraging local authorities to enforce existing immigration law
– Ending foreign aid to countries that allow citizens to illegally enter the United States
– Four-year immigration moratorium on all immigration
– Defunding sanctuary cities
– Expediting the deportation of all illegal aliens

This is definitely going to anger the Democrats.

The bill, while unlikely to be passed in the House or the Senate owing to the Democrats controlling both chambers, comes as even the Democrats are beginning to wake up on the issue of the border crisis.

President Biden might not want to admit it, but with more than 100,000 illegals crossing the border in February alone, something will soon need to be done about the massive influx of people coming over the border.

Democrats are also curiously silent on Biden’s decision to open new migrant detention facilities where children are being houses for days longer than is legally allowed.

Remember when they said President Trump was running concentration camps on the border?