Marco Rubio Edges Out Opponent In New Poll

( In the latest Senate poll out of Florida, Republican Senator Marco Rubio continues to poll ahead of his Democrat challenger, Congresswoman Val Demings.

The Fox 35/Insider Advantage poll released last week has Rubio at 46 percent to Demings’ 44 percent.

Rubio leads among Latino and white voters while Demings leads among blacks.

This poll is in line with the Susquehanna poll conducted August 29 through September 4 which had Rubio at 47 percent and Demings at 44 percent.

The Real Clear Politics average has Rubio 2.3 points up from Demings, 47.3 percent to 45 percent. RCP has the seat listed as “Leans GOP” and projects it will be a Republican hold.

And since Senate polling hasn’t been especially accurate for nearly a decade, Rubio will likely finish at least five points higher than the polling reflects.

Republican voter registrations in Florida are outpacing Democrat voter registrations. In short, there are more registered Republicans in the state than Democrats.

According to Insider Advantage founder Matt Towery, turnout will decide the race and Rubio has the advantage since registered Republicans outnumber registered Democrats.

Demings is also hindered by the wildly unpopular President Biden.

The Insider Advantage poll found that Joe Biden is twelve points underwater in Florida.

According to Matt Towery, it is unlikely either Demings or Democrat gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist will ask Joe Biden to campaign for them in Florida given his “anemic” numbers in the state.