Marco Rubio Comes Out Against January 6th Commission

( Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio revealed on Friday that he won’t be supporting a partisan effort by the Democrats to establish a 9/11-style commission to investigate the January 6 riots in Washington, D.C.

Rubio insisted that the plan was not an effort to find the “truth” but that it was actually “designed to be used as a partisan political weapon.”

In a tweet, Rubio revealed that he had read the bill that just passed in the House of Representatives that would establish the January 6th Commission. He said that it is not designed to create a serious inquiry, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claims, but that it is effectively a partisan weapon.

“I am a no,” he said.

In a video attached to the tweet, Rubio said that in reading the document it became very clear very quickly what the purpose of the bill was.

And on the topic of investigating what happened that day, Rubio said that we “already know.”

“It was a horrifying day that should never happen again,” he added – something most Republicans very obviously agree with.

The riot in Washington, D.C., on January 6 was attended by both left-wing and right-wing activists, and no matter how many times far-left Democrats claim it was a violent insurrection, it took only a matter of days for the FBI to walk back its claims that extremists were organizing “capture and assassinate” teams targeted at elected officials.

Senator Rubio also criticized the plans for the commission by saying that the panel will not be evenly divided as is claimed by Speaker Pelosi – whereby the panel members are evenly split between Republicans and Democrats 0 because the chairman of the commission will have the power to hire every single member of senior staff and to overrule decisions made by members of the panel.

It would effectively allow Democrats to spend more time and money pushing the false narrative that President Donald Trump incited a violent riot.