Marco Rubio Begs United Airlines To Drop Communist China Backed TikTok Partnership

( Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio recently stood up to American Airlines and advised them to stop their partnership with TikTok, the popular video-sharing social media app that is owned by a Chinese Communist Party-controlled company.

It comes after American Airlines announced a new partnership with the social media company that will give all passengers 30 minutes of free access to the app when flying on their planes, encouraging people who may not already have the app to download it and keep themselves occupied while flying.

And with Wi-Fi prohibitively expensive for many people and often too slow to be very useful, it sounds like an offer many passengers won’t refuse.

In a letter to American Airlines CEO Doug Parker, which you can read here, Senator Rubio reminded him that in 2019 the United States government launched a national security review of TikTok over concerns about data privacy and security. He said that the review into the company continues today, even under the Biden administration.

You may remember at the time that then-President Trump warned that Chinese technology, hardware, and software could be used by the Chinese Communist Party to spy on Americans – and that TikTok could have been at the forefront of a spying campaign.

And this new plan to get more people to download the app could be the next step in the Chinese company’s rumored plans to leverage its dominance of its niche in the social media marketplace to spy on as many Americans as possible.

Rubio warned that TikTok still actively censors views on the platform that are not in line with directives of the Chinese Communist Party, and that American companies should not be working with them.

No response yet from American Airlines…