Man Tells Ukraine Military To Bomb His Home After Russian Troops Spotted Inside

( A Ukrainian millionaire who spotted Russian forces using his home as a military base on his property’s webcam contacted the Ukrainian military in Kyiv and instructed them to bomb the property.

Businessman Andrey Stavnitser told Good Morning Britain that he was forced to flee after Russian troops invaded and occupied the village in early March, leaving his security team behind to guard his home. But when Russian troops captured his security team and destroyed their phones, Stavnitser lost contact with them.

After a few days, the Russians released the guards and sent them out into the woods. Several days later, the security team found shelter and contacted Stavnitser.

With his home stripped of security, Stavnitser began checking the web security cameras remotely. All of the cameras but one, however, were destroyed. But the one functioning camera revealed quite a bit.

Stavnitser saw lots of people in Russian military uniforms. The troops were using his home to store stolen goods from the area, including TVs, laptops, and iPads. The camera also captured images of military vehicles passing by a window, including a BM-21 Grad rocket launcher.

At this point, Stavnitser concluded that the Russians were using his home as a staging area to fire rockets into Kyiv. So he contacted the Ukrainian military in the capital, gave them the coordinates to his house, and instructed them to target it.

After the Ukrainians bombarded the location, Stavnitser’s lone working web camera revealed at least twelve military vehicles were destroyed.

Stavnitser told Good Morning Britain that he had just finished building the house, but the money and effort he put into it didn’t matter. “I want to do everything possible to help Ukraine win,” he said, “because we are safeguarding Europe.”

The millionaire businessman, who personally knows Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky, said he is proud to have a president like him. He also offered his thanks to the UK for supporting Ukraine in the war and called on the Brits to increase their weapons shipments to Ukraine.