Man Found Dead In Commercial Jet Engine At SLC

One hundred passengers were on board a Delta flight when a guy who had slipped past security at Salt Lake City International Airport on New Year’s Day was discovered dead inside an engine.

Reports show that 30-year-old Kyler Efinger was found part of the way inside a wing-mounted engine of the plane at about 10 pm after the manager of an airport shop reported a passenger disturbance.

According to the Salt Lake City police, Efinger, a resident of Park City with a boarding permit for a trip to Denver, managed to get past the airport’s security measures and dash out onto the runway before the police could reach him.

In security footage, Efinger fights against an airport official before attempting to open a locked door. He runs after her, smashing a window and busting open another door before hurriedly down the stairs.

Efinger thought the TSA was profiling him, according to his relatives.  They believe his bipolar disorder could have precipitated the episode.

According to the airport, he dashed up to the jet and climbed inside one of the plane’s engines, which they claimed was not running.

Authorities and airport employees discovered a person’s abandoned footwear and apparel on the runway.

They asked the FAA to alert the pilot that Efinger was below the plane so the pilot could turn off the engines.

Rescue workers removed him from the engine’s intake cowling, which carries air to the fan area, and tried to revive him by giving him naloxone, among other attempts. Nevertheless, his death was officially announced upon arrival.

Efinger was discovered when the plane’s engines were still running, even though the airport had said they were off. Authorities said that they are looking into the particular condition of the engine.

The specific injuries that resulted in the man’s death remain unknown, according to the airport.  The office of the medical examiner will ascertain the precise manner and cause of his death.