Man Duct-taped to Seat After Acting Out On Flight

( Only recently we told you the story of a woman on an American Airlines flight who was duct taped to her seat after trying to open the door mid-flight. And now, another “aggressive” passenger – this time on a Frontier Airlines flight – was reportedly duct taped to his seat after he allegedly groped two of the flight attendants and even assaulted another.

Video footage shows the man attacking people on the plane, only to be duct taped to the back of his seat. 22-year-old Maxwell Berry was traveling from Philadelphia to Miami and was arrested by the cops on three counts of battery once the plane landed.

What is it about airplanes that seems to make people go crazy?

Video footage of the incident also shows the young man fighting with a male flight attendant who was trying to keep him under control while shouting swear words.

According to the arrest report, Berry had ordered two drinks from the on-flight service, only to ask for a third and touching a female flight attendant’s backside with his cup. When the flight attendant told the man not to touch her, he began complaining about gum he was chewing, wrapped it in a napkin, and then spilled his drink all over his shirt.

He then went to the bathroom and returned without wearing a shirt, before walking around the plane for a quarter of an hour and then groping two flight attendants’ chests.

It sounds like he was inebriated.

The arrest report describes how the man came at the women from behind and put his arms around them both, before groping them. He then punched a male attendant who was tasked with keeping an eye on him to stop further problems from occurring.

You can watch the insane incident unfold on video by clicking here.