Man Dies After Deadly Brown Snake Bite

A French backpacker was only ten days into seasonal work in rural Australia when a highly deadly Eastern brown snake bit him.

On October 24, a 25-year-old casual grain harvester was bitten while working in Nullawil, an area in southern Victoria about 200 miles northwest of Melbourne. A friend discovered him unresponsive with a snake bite on his foot on a property 7 kilometers outside of Nullawil and called for help.

After suffering a heart attack, he was airlifted to Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital, where he remained in serious condition for two days before doctors turned off his life support.

Wade Humphreys, the proprietor of the Access Grain site where the backpacker was working, discounted the possibility that the man had been bitten while on the job at the grain receipt site because he would have been wearing protective boots. The snake may have been in a grassy or rural area when it struck. Many French nationals came to work in the district and returned as repeat workers, but the young man who unfortunately perished was brand new.

A spokesman for the Victoria Police said that an investigation into the death of the backpacker who was in the country legally will be submitted to the coroner. The specific kind of snake involved in the incident is speculative; however, the culprit is assumed to be a brown snake. These reptiles, found in eastern and southern Australia, are sometimes called “Eastern browns” due to their coloration.

At least two-thirds of all snake bites in Australia are caused by eastern brown snakes, making them one of the ten most poisonous snakes in the world. Their venom contains many coagulating poisons that cause internal bleeding, convulsions, and eventually death within hours after the bite.

The eastern brown snake is a typical visitor to human habitations and a potential threat due to its venom. They are currently at their most active in Australia during the spring season, and they rarely attack without provocation. When a large predator, like a human, approaches a brown snake, the snake will assume an S-shape in the air to signal that it needs space.

The Victoria Police have not yet established whether the guy was bitten by the snake at work or elsewhere, and they have not released an official cause of death.