Man Admits To 2020 Mailin Ballot Fraud

( Remember how the Democrats insisted that the 2020 presidential election was the “most secure election in history,” despite evidence of tens of thousands of ballots cast with fake addresses (courtesy of data analyst Matt Braynard)?

Well, there is yet more proof that mail-in ballot fraud occurred in the election, and this time it comes directly from a man who admitted doing it.

A Florida man admitted to authorities recently that he engaged in mail-in voter fraud, something former President Donald Trump repeatedly warned about, in the last election.

Rolan Bauer, a 68-year-old resident of Winter Springs, admitted using someone else’s mail-in ballot to vote – indicating just how easy it was in the last election for people to vote on behalf of other people.

Thankfully this one was caught.

“Allegedly the father voted the son’s mail-in ballot,” Seminole County Supervisor of Elections Chris Anderson said this week.

Florida’s Department of Law Enforcement confirmed that a man who had moved out of state seven years ago reported that somebody had posed as him by requesting, receiving, and submitting a mail-in ballot. The department then confirmed that the ballot was requested on the same computer that 68-year-old Roland Bauer used to request his own ballot.

The former Florida resident’s ballot was then sent to Bauer’s Winter Springs home.

While he initially denied any wrongdoing, he eventually told police officers, “Yes I basically got the thing and I voted but it didn’t make a difference.”

“I got the ballot and filled it out. I think I did it a week or two after I voted.”

Anderson said that he remains “very confident I the mail ballot system,” and argued that there is a “very, very low percentage where it happens” but that “it does happen and as you can see, it is tracked down and prosecuted.”

The problem with that, however, is that there is no way to know just how many fake ballots were cast…unless the deep analysis from data specialists like Matt Braynard is considered and taken into evidence in court.

Which, to this day, it has not.

Braynard, a former Trump campaign data analyst who raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in the wake of the election to examine the results, has proven that tens of thousands of votes in key battleground states like Arizona and Pennsylvania were cast with fake addresses – but the Democrats don’t want to know.

If one man in Florida can do it, who else might have done it, too?