Majority Of Americans Support U.S. Troop Intervention

( The Chicago Council on Global Affairs released its annual survey gauging public support for US military intervention in a number of hypothetical conflicts which shows that a majority of Americans support US intervention should allies be attacked.

Since 2019, the Chicago Council on Global Affairs’ surveys have found more than 50 percent of Americans support US military intervention if North Korea should attack South Korea, if China attacks Taiwan, if Russia attacks a NATO ally, or if Israel were attacked.

Now, with tensions between China and Taiwan increasing, this recent survey finds 52 percent of Americans support US military intervention on behalf of Taiwan should China invade. Only 41 percent of Americans supported that in 2019.

While the Chicago Council on Global Affairs has found a majority of Americans have supported US intervention in relation to any potential conflict between North and South Korea since 2017, that support is now at its highest – with 63 percent.

In relation to Israel, since 2015, there has been a consistent 53 percent support for US military intervention should Israel be attacked.

Support for a NATO ally if Russia were to invade is at 59 percent.

The survey was conducted way back in July – from July 7 to July 26 – long before the US abandoned the Afghan civilian government to the Taliban and fled the country. It would be interesting to know just how much these numbers would change given that particular variable.

This year’s survey was funded in part by the Korea Foundation which is a non-profit public diplomacy organization based in Virginia. Given the high support numbers for intervention should war break out between North and South Korea, one can’t help but wonder if the funding source had some influence on how the survey dealt with the question of Korea.

The survey also found that 76 percent of Americans support exchanging an end-of-war declaration in return for North Korea abandoning its nuclear weapons program.

The Korean news media is certainly thrilled with the results of the survey with headline after headline boasting that “Six in 10 Americans support US troop intervention if North Korea invades.”

The United States maintains 30,000 troops in South Korea.