Major COVID Outbreak After Obama’s Birthday Party

( Remember former President Barack Obama’s huge birthday party in Martha’s Vineyard, that saw hundreds of celebrities arriving in the region to attend his 60th birthday shindig at his luxurious, multi-million dollar estate?

Well, no matter how much the Democrats want to ignore it, it looks like the party could have been a factor that helped caused a spike in the number of COVID-19 infections in the region. Reports suggest that Martha’s Vineyard Hospital is currently experiencing a spike in virus activity, with the “highest virus patient activity” it has seen since the pandemic began.

The news comes from the Vineyard Gazette just two weeks after Obama hosted the party.

The hospital has seen 158 new COVID cases in the region since the August 7 party, and a further 87 infections over the last week.

Of the four people currently being treated as inpatients in the hospital, one is in a serious condition, according to the chief nurse of the hospital, Clair Seguin.

In normal conditions, Martha’s Vineyard typically doesn’t have a high number of infected people. The only hospital in the region, in Dukes County, is not struggling through a “very busy time.” For most of the pandemic, however, the hospital had only ever seen a handful of patients at a time, and in December, only one COVID patient was being treated.

Denise Schepici, the CEO of the hospital, said that they are “bursting at the seams.”

While the hospital says that they use contact tracing to determine where the infections are coming from, the system isn’t without flaws and it’s hard to say whether or not President Obama’s party had an impact.

But…how many other people are bringing hundreds of people from all over the country to celebrate within close proximity?

If we’re going to condemn normal people for breaking the rules, then maybe the world should be pointing fingers at Democrats like Obama for thinking they’re better than everyone else…