Mail-In Voting Fraud CONFIRMED in Recent Super Tuesday Primary Vote

(PresidentialWire.Com)- President Donald Trump was vindicated this week when it was shown that mail-in voter fraud took place in California during their Super Tuesday primary vote. The president recently came under fire by the Democrats and media for suggesting the proposed implementation of mail-in voting would open elections up to fraud.

According to an exclusive report by Breitbart News, the Secretary of State for California, Alex Padilla, confirmed instances of “double-voting” via mail on the March 3 Super Tuesday vote.

Just days before that vote went ahead, a citizen watchdog organization called Election Integrity Project California sent a letter to Padilla asking that his office take steps to investigate electoral fraud. Specifically, the organization asked that his office see whether double voting had taken place already through early mail-in ballots.

Padilla responded in a letter on April 7 confirming their concerns were valid. The letter informed the group that one confirmed instance of double-voting did occur, and several other suspected instances also took place.

In at least one instance, that they know of, two mail-in ballots from a single voter were opened and counted. A further 12 of 15 registered voters that their investigators identified having a history of double voting were “suspected to have cast two ballots for the March primary election.”

Not only is double voting happening, but it’s being done by people who are understood to have a history of doing it, too!

The letter also explains that there were instances of individuals with two votes with the same ID number, but that the votes were not cast.

Republicans are currently fighting efforts by Congressional Democrats to implement mail-in voting for the November presidential election. The system is known to increase rates of electoral fraud. It already happens in the United Kingdom, where postal voting is dominated by the left-wing Labour Party and has been left wide open to abuse for many years.

President Trump also fought back against “ballot harvesting” proposals pushed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The measure would allow Democrat activists and officials to take mail-in ballots on the doorstep, fill them in, and deliver them to polling stations.

With evidence that fraud has taken place already in California, the Democrats have no ground to stand on in this debate!