MAIL-IN FRAUD: Mayoral Candidate Arrested Over Forging Ballot Applications In Texas

( A mayoral candidate in Texas was arrested on Wednesday night after being caught in the act of forging voter registration applications. The Carrollton candidate, Zul Mirza Mohamed, was arrested after forging at least 84 different applications and having them sent to a P.O. box owned by a nursing facility.

CBS Dallas and Forth Worth reported how the Denton County Sheriffs had placed the man in custody, charging him with 109 felonies connected to voter fraud.

It comes as the Democrats continue to insist that mass mail-in voting does not increase the likelihood of fraud, despite a wealth of evidence suggesting otherwise.

Ken Paxton, Texas Attorney General, said that the Election Fraud Unit had assisted in the arrest of the 39-year-old candidate, charging him with 25 counts of unlawful possession of official mail ballots, and 84 counts of mail voter ballot application fraud.

Attorney General Paxton released a statement in which he commended the Denon County Sheriff’s Office for making the arrest.

“I strongly commend the Denton County Sheriff’s Office, the Lewisville Police Department, and Texas Department of Public Safety as well as the Denton Elections and  District Attorney’s offices for their outstanding work on this case and their commitment to ensuring a free and fair Presidential election in the face of unprecedented voter fraud,” he said.

“Mail ballots are inherently insecure and vulnerable to fraud, and I am committed to safeguarding the integrity of our elections. My office is prepared to assist any Texas county in combating this form of fraud,” he added.

The Texas Tribune said that the sheriff’s office began an investigation into the candidate on September 23 after it was revealed the county election officials saw several absentee ballots being sent to the same P.O. box. Investigators reportedly watched the postal facility and used an undercover officer to see what was going on. On October 7, the police officer saw a box of requested ballots being picked up from the location and followed the suspect.

After a search warrant was obtained, police officers found a box containing the ballots, including many that had been opened. It turned out that a fraudulent driver’s license was used to rent the P.O. box that was used to request the ballots.

Does it sound like mail-in voting is as secure as the social media giants and the Democrats want you to believe it is?