Mail In Ballot Issues Cause Mass Delay In Election

( Democrats (and so-called Republicans like former House GOP Conference Chair Liz Cheney) continue to insist that the presidential election in 2020 was the “most secure” ever and that claims of election fraud and misconduct are unfounded…but Pennsylvania just proved how fragile our election systems can really be.

According to local media reports from Lancaster County, some thousands of mail-in primary ballots in a local election contained errors so serious that the ballots were completely unusable. The ballots could not be scanned by voting machines and election officials were forced to rectify the problem with a hand counting of the votes that took several days.

Isn’t this the kind of incompetency the Republicans were warning about in the 2020 race?

Some 14,000 ballots were affected by the error, which was made by a third-party company responsible for the printing of the ballots. The issue lied in the barcodes on the ballots which could not be read by the machines. The problem was first discovered early on Tuesday as voters went to the polls.

Christa Miller from the Lancaster County Board of elections said that the 14,000 ballots were being put in rejected bins, only for them to be sent to a secure location where they would be hand-counted on Friday.

The problem with finding solutions for problem ballots after voters have already cast their vote is that it creates more opportunities for the votes to be lost or improperly handled. It requires that election officials maintain a chain of custody that is fully recorded. Without that, nobody ever really knows whether all votes have been counted.

As this occurs in Pennsylvania, an audit continues in Arizona. The audit is examining ballots at a forensic level and could ultimately prove claims by former President Donald Trump that misconduct and fraud influenced the result of the last election.