Mail In Ballot Accident In PA Election

( As President Joe Bidens’ Justice Department seeks to intervene in the ongoing Arizona election audit (in the form of a threatening letter), more evidence is piling up in other battleground states that suggests fraud and/or misconduct may have occurred during the 2020 presidential election.

A report out of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, reveals how a “mix-up” with thousands of mail-in ballots in a local election this week.

Something the Democrats keep insisting can’t and didn’t happen in last year’s presidential election.

The Lancaster County Board of Elections and Registration Commission began receiving calls from voters about confusing and different instructions on Tuesday. Christa Miller, the Chief Clark at the local board of elections, explained how confusing instructions that got sent out on a yellow piece of paper claimed that postage was not necessary, but the return envelope said the opposite.

Some 2,700 people reportedly received instructions from Delaware county, not Lancaster county, where voters do not need to pay postage to return their envelope.

In smaller elections, numbers like this can have a huge effect on election results – especially given that the 2,700 ballots affected constituted more than 10% of the 25,000 mail-in ballots that were requested.

“We did send emails, if we had an email on file to all those people they did receive an email with the updated instructions and our apologies and to those that did not, we did send them a letter to let them know what was going on,” Miller said.

The problem was blamed on the vendor, which was supposed to use a camera system to catch errors on ballots being sent out. And, according to Miller, that system “did exactly what it was supposed to do.”

But the ballots still went out.

The vendor was “Michigan Election Resources,” which took full responsibility for the blunder.

But doesn’t it make you wonder what could have happened in the last national election, and what we could be missing when Democrats insist it was run perfectly?