Madison Cawthorn Introduces Resolution To Take On Ilhan Omar’s Racism

( Rep. Madison Cawthorn may be the youngest member of Congress, but he’s certainly not the shyest. The Republican firebrand representative for North Carolina has introduced a resolution designed to stop the rise in anti-Semitic attacks occurring across the United States, specifically pointing the finger at extreme left-wing Rep. Ilhan Omar.

He cites Omar’s disgraceful comparison between Israel and terrorist organization Hamas as an example of how the Democrats are promoting anti-Semitism in the United States.

The Daily Mail obtained an exclusive statement from Cawthorn in which he said that he is “utterly appalled” by the rise in anti-Semitic attacks in America following the “evil attacks” against Israel by terrorists in Hamas.

He added that the attacks are “unjustified and wrong” and that there is “no place” for hate in America, pointing the finger at House Democrats for inciting hate. He also criticized House Democrats’ failure to defend Israel’s right to defend itself against those who wish to destroy the state and kill the Jewish people.

In the statement, the young congressman also said that there is an “evident distinction” between Israel, which is a democratic country, and Hamas, which is a terrorist organization.

Rep. Omar’s disgraceful comments were made in June this year. She compared Israel not just to Hamas but to the Jihadist terror group the Taliban. She even claimed that her Jewish colleagues in Congress were not “equal partners in justice,” a statement easily construed as blatant anti-Semitism.

She was not made to walk back the comments by House leadership, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi even supported Omar after she “clarified” her statement.

This is the same woman who once peddled the anti-Semitic trope that Jewish people are only interested in money, claiming that the deep relationship between Israel and the United States is “all about the Benjamins.”

It looks like Rep. Cawthorn has a point.