Look Who’s Resigning From Washington Post’s Board 

(PresidentialWire.com)- A member of The Washington Post’s editorial board has resigned from his post after a major disagreement about a piece he wrote about the Senate runoff election in Georgia between Republican Herschel Walker and Democrat Raphael Warnock. 

Jonathan Capehart recently served as one of the most prominent members of the Post’s editorial board. According to Sara Fischer of Axios, with Capehart no longer employed by the Post, there are now no people of color serving on the paper’s editorial board. 

According to Axios, the decision that Capehart made to leave stemmed from a piece that had the title “Runoff results show why Georgia should be a 2024 early primary state.” 

In it, the authors argued that Georgia has become a purple state – between the victory Warnock captured as well as the lack of success that Republican Donald Trump has had in the state. The state was described as “a genuinely competitive battleground.” 

The editorial read: 

“Georgia, with 11 million residents and 16 electoral votes, is becoming in American politics what Ohio and Florida used to be: a genuinely competitive battleground. The state is more reflective of the United States than Iowa, which through poorly administered caucuses squandered any claim to its role as the starting gate of the quadrennial nominating process. This is why we applaud the Democratic National Committee’s move last week to make Georgia an early primary state, following South Carolina, Nevada and New Hampshire.” 

Axios’ story on Capehart’s departure didn’t provide any details of the particular dispute in question. However, there was one part of the editorial that noted “turnout remained high” in Georgia during the midterm elections last November “despite hyperbolic warnings by President Biden and other Democrats that updated voting rules amounted to Jim Crow 2.0.” 

That’s likely the major dispute in question, as just one before the midterm elections were held in November, Capehart wrote a piece that indeed referred to Georgia’s new laws as “Jim Crow 2.0.” So, it’s very likely that Capehart just had enough of the overall viewpoints of the Post editorial board, and thought it was time to leave. 

Capehart actually resigned from the Post’s editorial board not long after that editorial ran in the paper in December, though it just became public knowledge recently. 

A spokesperson for the Post told Axios that the opinion section of the paper “is committed to diverse representation in all its pages.” The spokesperson added that the editorial section “plans to further expand the range of voices in the months to come.” 

While Capehart is no longer on the editorial board of the Post, he is still with the newspaper. He serves as both an associate editor and columnist at the paper, and he also hosts a show on MSNBC. 

It’ll be interesting to see whether the Post’s editorial board will replace Capehart with another person of color, or whether they’ll remain all white.