LOL: Trevor Noah Says Gender Reveal Parties Don’t Cater To Trans Babies

( Late night “comedy” show host Trevor Noah had something to say about the story of a couple potentially causing California wildfires by using explosive in a “gender reveal” party – but it wasn’t a commentary on the fires and caring for the environment. It wasn’t even criticism of the couple who caused the fires with their party.

It was an attack on gender reveal parties not catering for trans babies.

Host of “The Daily Show” Noah said that gender reveal parties are “outdated” because they don’t actually reveal a baby’s gender by instead just their “genitalia.”

Noah cited what we are “learning” in 2020 about gender, suggesting that far-left ideologues who claim that there is an infinite number of genders know more about this than scientists, biologists, and doctors.

Noah was trying to crack some jokes about the fire started in El Dorado, but moved on to say that people hosting gender reveal parties “has to stop.”

“Or, if you insist on a gender reveal, you have to do something that helps the situation: ‘The water’s pink! It’s a girl!” he quipped, showing an image of a helicopter dropping pink liquid over the fires.

“And aside from all the damage it can cause, celebrating a baby’s genitalia is starting to feel very outdated,” he bemoaned. “Like, given everything we’re learning about gender, gender reveal parties should only happen when the child is old enough to know their actual gender.”

Can you believe that? He’s advocating hosting parties for children, suggesting from now on kids should be taught that they don’t have a gender until they feel like they have one. And then, as if they were “coming out,” reveal that gender in a party when they grow up.

In reality, this discussion about gender is a discussion about gender dysphoria. It’s a psychological condition that is rare, and which “involves a conflict between a person’s physical or assigned gender and the gender with which he/she./they identify,” according to the American Psychiatric Association.

Note the use of the word “identify.” It means they identify with a gender, but that’s not necessarily the one they biologically are.

Here he is, saying these crazy things without any sense of irony whatsoever.

What’s scarier – the fact he’s advocating it, or the fact he’s advocating it and thinking he’s doing something good for the world?