Logan Paul Gets Targeted By Fans, Security Jumps In

Logan Paul and KSI were targeted by fans in Copenhagen during a promotional tour of the popular sports drink “Prime,” according to The Daily Mail. The duo has reportedly had success since the drink launched in 2022, but their visit to the Danish capital ended as fans began to throw the bottles at them. 

A video posted on Twitter shows KSI shouting into a microphone, “Drink Prime,” before the audience went wild, cheered, and started pelting bottles at them. While the two of them could be seen laughing, they also shielded themselves from the bottles and were escorted off-stage by security guards. 


The incident was not taken negatively. Afterward, KSI took to social media to commend a bottle that hit him in the head. He said that the throw was “pinpoint.” 

The bottle-throwing energy did not hamper their tour and the duo continued onward to Oslo as part of their final journey. Before arriving in Denmark, the two traveled to Munich and then Barcelona. 

The launch of the sports drink was a success and began with fans lining up outside of supermarkets so that they could get their hands on them. Fans were reportedly chaotic amid the release and pandemonium broke out at Sainsbury’s in the U.K. As a result of the high demand, the store experienced supply issues. 

At the time, a spokesperson for the store stated that they know fans are anticipating the drink and confirmed that they will sell five 500ml flavors. 

The sports drink was recently named the “global sports drink” of the UFC. Barcelona also reportedly named the drink as the club’s new sponsor. 

KSI recently took a break from social media after he received criticism for using a racial slur in a YouTube video. He has since apologized for his remark.