Liz Cheney Says She Was “Wrong” To Oppose Gay Marriage

( Liz Cheney appeared on CBS News’ “60 Minutes” this weekend where she admitted she was wrong.

Wrong about supporting twenty years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq that cost us trillions of dollars and thousands of American lives?


Wrong about siding with Nancy Pelosi and joining the partisan January 6 Select Committee?

LOL! Hardly.

No, Liz Cheney admitted she was wrong for opposing same sex marriage back in 2013.

See, back then Liz broke ranks with her father and came out against same sex marriage in the lead up to her failed Senate bid. It was an especially awkward situation given that Liz’s sister Mary is A) a lesbian and B) married.

When Senate candidate Liz came out against gay marriage – no doubt in an effort to pander to Wyoming voters – Mary Cheney and her spouse Heather Poe were not pleased. Heather posted to Facebook at the time that she thought Liz Cheney’s position was offensive, arguing that “freedom meant freedom for EVERYONE.”

Well, now Liz isn’t trying to pander to Wyoming voters. Instead she is trying to pander to the corporate news media and the professional Left. So Liz has changed her tune.

During her “60 Minutes” interview, Cheney called her opposition to same sex marriage “misguided” and admitted that she was wrong. Saying gay marriage is “a very personal issue” for her family, Liz admitted that her father was right. Then, because nothing she says is original, Liz stole the line from her sister-in-law Heather adding “freedom means freedom for everybody.”

Of course not everybody Liz is struggling to please was convinced.

In response to her mea culpa, Twitter blue-check Leftists were quick to point out that Liz voted against the so-called “Equality Act” that would have forced the trans agenda down the country’s throat in the guise of “antidiscrimination.” They squawked that Liz voted against the sweeping abortion-to-the-point of birth bill the Democrat House passed last week.

What gay marriage has to do with “trans rights” or abortion is anybody’s guess. But apparently embracing one part of the Left’s agenda means Liz has to embrace the entire cornucopia of garbage the Left promotes.

But Liz Cheney doesn’t understand that sucking up to the Left is an all or nothing proposal. And unless she is willing to completely hop on board with their entire agenda, no amount of sucking up will ever satisfy them.