Lindsey Graham Willing to Increase Minimum Wage

( On Thursday’s episode of Fox & Friends, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham announced that he would be open to the possibility of raising the national minimum wage, in a move that he believes would help the economy. He said that the Congress would need to pass new economic stimulus in July and that such a measure may be included.

It’s a move that would usually be unpopular among Republicans, but in a time of crisis may not be as controversial for voters as it is for lawmakers.

Graham also responded to the most recent jobs report, showing an incredible increase of 4.8 million jobs for the month of July. Despite predictions of disaster from Democrats and left-leaning news anchors, the jobs report showed that the U.S. economy is resilient…a result of years of regulation and tax cuts courtesy of the Trump administration.

Graham endorsed President Trump’s proposal of cutting payroll tax during the interview, too. It is a proposal that Trump has pushed since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, and one that the Democrats have repeatedly attempted to thwart.

“We need a rescue package that would hit the gas to make the economy grow faster,” Graham said. “So, the president is proposing a payroll tax cut that would put money in the pocket of consumers and businesses. That would stimulate the economy. An infrastructure bill to give America a facelift with our roads, bridges, and ports. That would set in motion future job creation.”

It’s all pretty standard Republican stuff, and that’s a good thing. The economy has grown substantially under President Trump’s administration, which led to the impressive resilience we’re seeing as state economies gradually begin to reopen. However, Graham suggested that he’s “willing to do a minimum wage increase” as part of the economic packages designed to restart the economy.

“There are so many things, liability reform, so you can open up without being sued. Congress needs to act in July to continue this trend,” he said. “If we had the right kind of stimulus package, we would be going through the roof by October in terms of economic growth.”

Let’s hope the Republicans get the chance to do it. Biden has promised to undo all of Trump’s tax cuts if he’s elected…