Lindsey Graham Says World Power Structure Will Change If We Don’t Help Ukraine

( The Ukrainian military needs tanks.

After traveling to Kyiv with Democrats for a face-to-face meeting with Volodymyr Zelensky, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is once again urging the United States to send tanks to Ukraine and stating that the “world order” is “at stake” if the country’s Soros-backed government does not get what they want.

Graham said, “This is a big turning point in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. We cannot let Putin’s bluster and threats determine the course of freedom for the 21st century.”

On the weekend, the Senator wrote on Twitter that he wants to  “drive the Russians out of Ukraine.”

The tweet includes pictures of Senator Graham standing next to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenksy, Democrat Senator Richard Blumenthal (who was exposed for lying about his service in Vietnam), and Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse. His supporters and others frequently criticize Senator Graham as a warmongering neocon (who was recently busted belonging to a segregated yacht club.)

In a statement on his official website, Graham said, “If press reports are accurate, I am very pleased with the Biden Administration’s apparent decision to send Abrams tanks to help Ukraine evict Russia from Ukrainian soil. It is in America’s national security interest for Russia to be defeated in Ukraine because Russia’s ambitions are to rewrite the map of Europe, and China is watching.

“By sending the tanks, we are announcing that we are ‘all in’ regarding Ukraine’s desire to defeat the Russian invaders on the battlefield. The actions of the Biden Administration and the German government to send tanks are the best signal yet that both nations are embracing victory for Ukraine.

Zelensky is seen with the Senators as usual in the Twitter thread, wearing his go-to sweater. Graham went on to say in a later tweet that “Putin is attempting to redraw the geography of Europe by force of weapons” and that “I am weary of the s*** show around who is going to deploy tanks and when are they going to send them.”

Graham urged the United States and other countries to provide Ukraine tanks in yet another tweet he contributed to the thread, writing, “To the Germans:”

“Send tanks to Ukraine; they’re in desperate need. Graham implied the absurd globalist talking point that Russia is going to take over half of Europe because they’ve opened military operations in contested regions of Ukraine – regions like Donbas, where the majority of the population speaks Russian and wants to join Russia – in his letter, “It is in your national interest that Putin loses in Ukraine.”