Lindsey Graham: ‘I Never Will Forgive’ Biden for Afghanistan

( Republican South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham said that despite his longtime friendship with President Joe Biden, he will never be able to forgive him for the way that he handled the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.

Speaking on Fox News on Wednesday, Graham acknowledged that he has known Biden “for a long time” and that he had a “good personal relationship with him.”

“He’s a decent man, but what he did in Afghanistan I will never forgive him for,” he added, before insisting that he has blood on his hands and has now made America less safe by withdrawing all troops and abandoning thousands of Americans in the country as the Taliban took back control of the country.

“He has blood on his hands, and he’s made America less safe. And he’s been the most consistently wrong man on foreign policy in my lifetime,” he said.

Graham then said that he has proven himself to be the “most incompetent president” in his lifetime when it comes to foreign policy, and said that he was worse than President Jimmy Carter.

That’s a huge insult, especially coming from somebody who has known him for many years.

Graham also told Fox that Biden simply doesn’t understand the nature of the war on terrorism and that he thinks it’s possible to withdraw from these regions while keeping America safe.

It means that Graham doesn’t just think Biden was wrong for handling the withdrawal the way he did – which saw tens of billions of dollars of American military equipment effectively gifted to Taliban extremists – but it also means he doesn’t think America should have withdrawn at all.

“To believe that we can protect America through an over-the-horizon counterterrorism capability is a joke. Afghanistan is hell on earth for those living there,” he said.