Liberals Order “Gifted” Program Dropped In New York City

( Public schools in New York are embracing the idea of “equity” to the disadvantage of children who are naturally gifted and talented. So much so, that public schools in the city are planning on phasing out the gifted and talented program that helps those with greater capacities for learning to go on and do incredible things.

The decision to end the gifted and talented program is reportedly part of a wider scheme to stop what left-wing academics and school board members call “systemic racism.” It is alleged that the gifted and talented programs favor white and Asian American students, owing to the “disproportionate” number of children from those racial backgrounds being adopted by the system in the largest school system in the country.

Beginning in the next school year, New York City will stop screening four-year-olds to identify those who should be a part of the scheme.

Currently, the New York City program admits 2,500 pupils out of a total of 65,000 kindergartners across the city every year. However, controversial New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has endorsed the decision to end the program and said that it will change the way students learn and give tens of thousands of more children the opportunity to have advanced instruction.

A statement from De Blasio’s office said that they had ended the “era of judging 4-year-olds based on a single test.”

“Every New York City child deserves to reach their full potential, and this new, equitable model gives them that chance,” he added.

When will the Democrats learn that equity never works?

The city is now planning on training all kindergarten teachers to give “accelerated learning” opportunities to students, allowing them to focus on more advanced skills like computer coding, robotics….or “advocacy.”

Yes, they’re planning on teaching your children how to become SJW advocates.