Liberal Who Burnt Down A Church During Riot Finally Arrested

( President Joe Biden and the Democrats want you to think that every single illegal alien is a law-abiding, church-going, tax-paying, productive member of society – but it’s just not the case. We know that from the huge amount of crime and human trafficking occurring at our southern border, but it’s also evidenced by the fact that an alleged illegal alien from China is now facing a federal second-degree arson charge in Alabama.

Xiaoquin Yan, a 27-year-old alleged illegal alien, is charged with setting first to Montgomery’s historic First Baptist Church.

A press release from the United States Attorneys’ Office revealed the terrible news. The statement said that the 27-year-old foreign national is being charged under a statute that considers setting fire to any building that is “used in interstate or foreign commerce in any activity affecting interstate or foreign commerce” to be a federal offense.

According to the Montgomery Advertiser, a local newspaper, federal court documents show that the church falls under the category because it is regularly used to send money via wire transfers to India, where the money is used to build new churches as part of the First Baptist Church’s global outreach plans.

Yan is accused of setting fire to the building on September 30 this year, and according to a sworn statement from a federal agent, Yan made a comment about “rich white men” running the church.

So we don’t know for certain yet, but we could be looking at a case of an illegal immigrant trying to burn down a church because rich white people run it.

Authorities put out four fires in the building which caused serious damage, but thankfully most of the church was saved thanks to flame-resistant carpeting that had been installed.