Liberal Professor Praises Stalin, Calls Him A Great Leader

( Some liberals like to hide how extreme they are, but others are completely open about it – and Asatar Bair, an assistant economics professor from Riverside City College, seems to be of the latter mindset. Bair is not just a liberal, but a self-described communist and even claimed recently that communist dictator Joseph Stalin was one of the greatest leaders of the 20th Century.

A report The College Fix revealed how Bair declared his support for Stalin on Twitter, describing him as a “very successful revolutionary” and even a “great contributor to Marxist theory.”

Bair didn’t leave any room for miscommunication, either, stating that he was a “great listener” and one of the greatest leaders of the last century…which sounds an awful lot like an endorsement.

Why the hell are we allowing people like this to teach our next generation of leaders?

The tweet hasn’t been deleted, because the American education system welcomes communists but makes life hell for conservatives.

Bair also said that those who say he “idolizes” Stalin are wrong. He didn’t, however, condemn Stalin. Instead, he said Stalin was “neither savior nor saint.”

Read for yourself:

We’re talking about a man who killed roughly 20 million people, depending on who’s counting.

Bair said that he simply believes that “one should read everything the man wrote” before making a decision about him, as if the horrors he inflicted on his people we’re evidence enough that he was an authoritarian monster.

Wouldn’t Bair, and his left-wing academic colleagues across America, be more comfortable packing up and leaving for Russia? Putin must be laughing at America’s education system…