Liberal Hoaxer Targets Rudy Giuliani

( Rudy Giuliani is easily the most famous former mayor in the country, if not the world. Known for cleaning up New York City after years of neglect by Democrats, Giuliani is beloved by the people of his city and beyond – but since spending years working with former President Donald Trump he has become the victim of cruel campaigns by far-left extremists to smear him and tar his name.

Most recently, Giuliani was the victim of a TikTok prank by an alleged “comedian” who uses the social media platform to mock politicians that he wrongly considers “far-right.”

Online blog “Comic Sands” said that Masterson targets “ultra-conservative” and “far-right” politicians by asking them to take part in a TikTok video with him. He usually attends political events that are connected to former President Donald Trump, and most recently managed to find his way into an event that Giuliani was also attending.

Giuliani can be seen in one of his recent videos smiling and nodding along as the “comedian” dances. The former mayor appeared willing to appear in the silly video and offered moments of his time to the man, believing that he was simply trying to have fun.

However, the video – which was recorded at the New York Young Republicans Glub gala – was mocking in nature.

An altered version of the famous MC Hammer song “Can’t Touch This” can be heard in the background of the video, with the word “pendejo” being repeated. The Spanish word means “idiot” in English.

If you really want to see the video, you can do so by clicking here – but we wouldn’t advise it. It’s just not funny.

What’s wrong with these people?