Leaked Footage Shows Taliban Flying American Helicopters

(PresidentialWire.com)- Last Wednesday, a Twitter user posted video purportedly showing Taliban fighters test flying their spiffy new US-taxpayer-funded Blackhawk helicopters.

On Sunday, UK Telegraph reporter Will Brown tweeted out a graphic showing the extent of the Taliban’s US Military acquisitions. And it is horrifying.

In addition to thirty-three Blackhawk helicopters, the Taliban now has in its possession thirty-three Mi-17 helicopters and forty-two MD530 Helicopters.

But that’s just a drop in the bucket.

The Taliban can now form its own air force thanks to US taxpayers. They have 4 C-130 transports, 23 Embraer EMB 314s, 28 Cessna 208s, and ten Cessna AC-208 strike aircraft.

The US also supplied the Taliban with over twenty-two thousand Humvees which is quite a step up from the rickety old Toyota pick-up trucks they’re used to. They have quite a bit of armored vehicles as well from MxxPro mine-proof vehicles (155 of those) to armored personnel carriers (169), as well as 634 M1117 armored security vehicles. That’s in addition to the 42,000 pick-up trucks and SUVs the US supplied the now-defunct Afghan forces.

Then there’s the weaponry.

Over sixty-four thousand machine guns, more than 358,000 assault rifles, and over 126,000 handguns. And the Taliban will be able to use all that weaponry even at night thanks to the 16,035 night vision helmets now in their possession.

On Friday it was reported that, thanks to the US military leaving them behind, the Taliban also has in their possession biometric scanners that will make it ever so much easier for these tenth century throwbacks to hunt down and kill Afghans who worked with US and allied forces during the war.

Nawazuddin Haqqani, a brigade commander for the Taliban’s al Isha unit recently bragged in an interview with Zenger News that this special unit is using these hand-held scanners to access the US-built biometric database in order to positively identify any Afghan who either helped the NATO allies or worked with Indian intelligence.

It was bad enough learning that US officials provided the Taliban with the names of those Afghans we wanted to evacuate to prevent the Taliban from getting its hands on them.

But knowing the US left behind such a valuable database to make it even easier to identify and kill these people is simply horrifying.