Lawmakers Stepping In After Joe Biden Bypasses Congress

( President Joe Biden’s hasty decision to bypass Congress and launch an airstrike in the Middle East is coming back to haunt him, with Senators from his own party urging the president to answer questions about why he decided to bomb Iraq and Syria.

And with a Democratic Party more dedicated than ever to bring down the Republican Party permanently, it’s really saying something if legislators come together and criticize the Democrat President of the United States.

Lawmakers have suggested over the last week that the president may have violated the War Powers Act by taking unilateral action, but the Pentagon has played down the talk by saying that the airstrikes were defensive and only specifically targeted at compounds and militants supported by the Iranian regime.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken also said that the United States military, under Biden’s command, targeted operational weapons storage facilities located in Iraq and Syria. He added that the two facilities were both located on the border between the two nations and that they were both used by militia groups supported by the Iranian government including KSS and KH.

The strikes occurred on June 28, and are just the latest example of the president ruling by executive power. During his first month in office, the president signed dozens of executive orders, most of which were focused on reversing Trump-era policy…and making the United States a worse place to live.

Biden also bypassed Congress to advance his War agenda back in February, a month into his administration. Biden ordered an airstrike or other Iran-backed militias without the support of Congress.

No casualties were reported in the most recent attack, but the bombing tells us a couple of things.

First, it shows that Biden is a war president – unlike President Donald Trump.

Secondly, it shows us that Biden is stepping up his game in ongoing negotiations with Iran…but it still doesn’t mean that he won’t rule out ending all sanctions on Iran in exchange for a return to the 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal.