Lawmaker Starts Crying On House Floor

( Legislation that would give some rights to same-sex married couples caused Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-MO) to lose control of her emotions on the house floor. Incredibly, this happened in 2022, not decades ago, when social views were less open-minded.

On Thursday, Hartzler lamented the precarious state of religious liberty in the US while speaking out against a bill on the House of Representatives floor. As she spoke, her voice grew a little shaky.

Due to the passing of the Respect for Marriage Act, which does not recognize same-sex marriages legally, the Defense of Marriage Act from 1996 is now void. The Supreme Court ruled in Windsor v. United States, a case from 2013, that the legal definition of marriage as a union between one man and one woman violates the equal protection rights outlined in the Fifth Amendment’s Due Process Clause. As a result, the Court invalidated some of that law.

The Respect for Marriage Act in no way protects citizens’ right to get married to people of the same gender. This right will continue to be protected thanks to the Obergefell ruling. If that decision is reversed, as Justice Clarence Thomas has suggested it should, eliminating DOMA would mean that states would have to recognize same-sex unions recognized by other states.

Hartzler asserts that the legislation offers no protections for public servants who “justly believe that marriage is just between a man and a woman.”

She continued by claiming that Democrats wanted to abolish the “traditional family” as their ultimate goal.

This, according to her, is “yet another step toward the Democrats’ goal of destroying the traditional family, muting voices of faith, and permanently undoing our country’s God-woven foundation.”

Nearing the end of her speech, Hartzler started to feel a surge of intense emotions and started crying. Before continuing, she took a moment to express her reservations and express her hopes and prayers for her colleagues’ ability to join her in opposing the “misguided and this dangerous bill.”

She ended by saying, “I yield back.”