Law Enforcement Official Calls Soros A “Limousine Liberal” Who Doesn’t Understand Crime

( According to a Fox News Digital investigation of campaign financing records, liberal billionaire George Soros and his daughter, Andrea Soros Colombel, are backing two groups that favor far-left candidates that advocate defunding the police.

The Soros funds have gone to a joint fundraising committee and a political action committee associated with the initiatives. The Way to Lead PAC, Missouri Rep. Cori Bush’s campaign committee, and the campaigns of the 12 other progressive legislators running for Congress are all part of the combined fundraising effort dubbed Lead the Way 2022.

Lead the Way 2022 is a political action committee that has donated to Missouri Democrat Cori Bush and others running for government. Several politicians have termed defunding police enforcement a feminist “priority in social media posts.”

George Soros has advocated for reforming the criminal justice system for a long time. The financier has thrown tens of millions of dollars into district attorney campaigns and given substantial sums to organizations working on police reform, including funding a center used by leftist activists working to undermine the police force.

Meanwhile, Andrea Soros Colombel has retained a quieter profile than her father. Regardless, she supports the present joint fundraising committee for Bush and other far-left lawmakers in the 2022 elections.

Andrea Soros Colombel has given $100,000 to Lead the Way 2022, a joint fundraising effort including the Way to Lead PAC and progressive political candidates. Separate from the united fundraising effort, George Soros has donated to the combined fundraising campaign. These two organizations are backing Bush and the progressive candidates in their bid to extend the “Squads” ranks in Congress.

George Soros has invested roughly $30 million in district attorney campaigns around the country, frequently entering Democratic primaries and endorsing the most radical candidate. One of the candidates, Aramis Ayala, received $1.4 million in Soros support for her campaign. In recent years, the wealthy donor has focused his efforts on reforming the criminal justice system.