Lauren Boebert Gets Asked By Opponent If She Will Take “Dream Job” At Fox New

( Congresswoman Lauren Boebert was attacked by her Democratic challenger Adam Frisch during a debate before the November midterms for Colorado’s 3rd district. Mediaite reports that Boebert was asked whether she would finish her term if she secured her “dream job” at Fox News.

The incumbent representative debated former Aspen City Council member Adam Frisch last Saturday for a debate hosted by Club 20, Colorado Mesa University, and the Grand Junction Sentinel. The congresswoman went after the debate’s moderator, Edie Sonn of the Colorado Behaviral Health Council, rather than agreeing to the rules of the debate.

She brought up Sonn’s public support for her previous opponent, former state Rep. Dianne Mitsch Busch. “This debate is not about me tonight,” Sonn responded, saying that she was free to leave the debate if she wanted. Boebert then agreed to the rules.

The debate focused on many issues, including their respective political parties. Frisch pointed to Boebert’s inability to work across the aisle or pass any bills and Boebert said that there were no moderate Democrats to work with, criticizing Nancy Pelosi’s stranglehold on the party.

“I’m Adam Frisch, not Nancy Pelosi,” Frisch said, adding that he would not support Pelosi as speaker for another term if he’s elected.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re not Nancy Pelosi,” Boebert said. “Because if you get there and she’s speaker, you work for her.”

The two challengers did agree on basic priorities, such as protecting Colorado’s water supply and supporting its oil and gas industry, although Frisch said he wanted to make the move toward renewables.

Boebert then took aim at Frisch’s political stance, calling him a Green New Deal extremist who supports policies that are hurting Americans, despite his claim that he’s a moderate. She also fired back at the IRS’ plan to hire 87,000 more agents.

Frisch took the opportunity to get personal. “Do you promise to serve your full term if re-elected, even if your dream job of becoming a Fox News commentator comes up prior to the end of your second term?” he asked.

“I don’t think that’s my dream job,” Boebert responded. “My dream job is actually just being a mom of 4 boys and raising my goats. That’s my biggest dream, but it’s an honor to serve the constituents of Colorado’s 3rd district, and I look forward to doing it a second time.”