Laura Ingraham Says Left’s War On Police Makes America Less Safe

( Fox News’ Laura Ingraham made a timely and almost prophetic statement on her show on Monday, arguing that the anti-police movement pushed by the Democrats and far-left activists is causing crime to rise in the United States and is making America less safe.

Her comments came only hours before a tragic incident in Queens, New York, on Tuesday morning where a 32-year-old woman allegedly killed a New York Police Department officer with her car.

Reports suggest that Jessica Beauvais of Hempstead, Long Island, killed the cop when she was intoxicated and driving.

It remains unclear exactly what happened, but in the heat of the anti-police movement, it’s hard not to see this as an anti-police attack.

32-year-old Beauvais was seen on camera crying and saying, “I am sorry that I hit him and that he’s dead,” as she was being taken out of the 107th Precinct in handcuffs.

The night before, Ingraham referenced the story of an Ohio police officer who fatally shot a 16-year-old girl as she was stabbing another young girl in the street. The officer faced a huge backlash from the Democrats and left-wing commentators and celebrities, wrongly claiming it was an anti-Black murder.

“Why would anyone sign up today for the abuse that police officers go through every time they have to make a good faith, split-second, life or death decision?… Even the most conscientious, the most compassionate and the most experienced officers – they can’t guarantee that they’re going to get past the woke, cop-hating left’s ever-changing training rules. So to be a police officer on patrol today — you’re kind of damned if you do, you’re damned if you don’t,” Ingraham said during her segment on Monday night.

“If you save a black teenager from getting stabbed, and a billionaire basketball player makes you an instant target. But if you let her get stabbed, you’re accused of letting a black girl die. The media are the ultimate co-conspirators in all of this in the continuing defamation of police,” she added.

The increase in attacks on police officers, both in terms of physical attacks and constant smears that police officers are racist, has resulted in shrinking police forces all over the country.

Chief of the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department Steve Anderson noted that last year, the number of online applications for police officers dropped down to 1,900, compared to 4,700 in 2010.