Laura Ingraham Officially Withdraws Her Past Support of Iraq War On National TV

( Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham made a confession on her show on Thursday, admitting that she was wrong all along about the war in Iraq.

During an episode of The Ingraham Angle, the Fox News host spoke about the worsening crisis between Ukraine and Russia and overall tensions across Eastern Europe. It comes as the United States is reportedly planning to withdraw the families of diplomatic officials in Ukraine in anticipation that Russia will invade the country.

And as legislators in Washington from both parties increase pressure on President Joe Biden to increase sanctions on Russia and take action now before the invasion occurs, Ingraham said that she is concerned about the rhetoric.

Citing members of Congress telling her network that they believe Russia is about to annex Ukraine in the same way it annexed Crimea in 2014, Ingraham said that she believes the politicians are itching for “another US military engagement.”

Greenwald noted that while the media is overwhelmingly left-wing and liberal, they are “consistently on the side of militarism, imperialism, and more conflict – going all the way back to 2003 when they liked nothing about George Bush or Dick Cheney.” He added that the left-wing press, including NBC News and the New York Times, was actually behind the Iraq invasion.

It prompted Ingraham to admit that she was “one of those lured into the naïve ideas about Iraq and even nation-building,” but that the “finally saw the light, thank goodness.”

Have you noticed this trend? Republicans are overwhelmingly rejecting war and conflict, while Democrats are always itching for some kind of conflict?

Watch the clip here.