“Larry The Cable Guy” Is Fed Up With Censorship, Comes Out Against It

(PresidentialWire.com)- Larry the Cable Guy, the legendary comedian from Nebraska whose real name is Daniel Whitney, came out in defense of podcaster Joe Rogan last week and slammed the “weak-minded folks” calling for him to be canceled.

In a short and sweet Twitter post, Whitney sided against cancel culture and reminded those advocating for Rogan to lose his show on Spotify that people in third world countries are suffering real pain.

“This country has so many week [sic] minded folks,” he said. “People in 3rd world countries don’t get offended at words and podcasts because they’re to busy trying to find food, avoiding encephalitis and fleeing from genocidal dictatorships. So ponder that next time you’re ‘literally shaking,’” he wrote.


It’s no secret that Whitney leans conservative, but his comedy is never explicitly political. Instead, Whitney chooses to make content that everybody can enjoy – unlike the vast majority of left-wing comedians who make their entire career from attacking conservatives and white people.

His Twitter post, however, is a reminder of just how many high-profile people are on the side of common sense. It comes after Joe Rogan was the target of a smear campaign by far-left extremists who compiled video clips of Rogan using the N-word in a non-derogatory way. The clip was then widely shared online and accompanied by calls for him to lose his podcast’s exclusivity with music and podcast streaming service Spotify.