Kim Jong Un Sends Gardeners To Prison Over Flowers

( Ki Jong Un, the communist dictator of North Korea, is reportedly sending gardeners in his country to labor camps after thousands of flowers specially planted for the country’s leader didn’t bloom in time.

The flowers, known as the “Kimjongilia” begonias, which were named after Kim’s father Kim Jong-Il, should always bloom to mark the birthday of the late dictator on February 16. This year, however, it didn’t happen. The day is known as the “Day of the Shining Star” and the flowers are used as an accompaniment to national celebrations, where the streets are lined with the flowers and the people celebrate.

So what happened?

Well, given the country’s major economic troubles, food shortages, and flooding, the gardeners were unable to access a sufficient supply of firewood to create the right temperatures and humidity in the greenhouses where the flowers grow.

And while it wasn’t their fault, the gardeners were reportedly accused of neglecting the plants. It means that some gardeners were sentenced to spend six months in labor camps, where people are forced to work until they become so weak that they physically can’t do any more…or they die.

The farm where the flowers were being grown was located in Samsu County. The manager of the farm has been sent to a labor camp, despite being in his 50s. He may not survive the six-month ordeal.

The farm manager, whose name is Han, had raised his concerns about the farm’s inability to grow the flowers but instead of being given assistance to make it happen he was fired and arrested.

Another worker at the farm, according to Daily NK News, was accused of not setting the temperature in the greenhouse properly and has been sentenced to three months in a camp.