Kim Jong Un Regime Announces Successful Missile Launch

( Last week, North Korea confirmed that its military had successfully tested a new hypersonic missile. Despite a food shortage and an economic crisis in the country, the nation’s communist dictator Kim Jong Un is moving ahead with his plan to establish a nuclear-armed military that can take on major Western powers.

According to the Korean Central News Agency, the state-run national media group, the test was the first-ever test flight of a new Korean-built detached hypersonic gliding warhead. The KCNA said that the rocket met all necessary technical requirements, effectively meaning the country is capable of causing major damage to foreign nations.

The test flight occurred last Tuesday, the same day that North Korean United Nations envoy Kim Song told the U.N. General Assembly that the United States must end its policy of hostility towards the communist nation.

Japanese military intelligence first believed the rocket to be a ballistic missile, and according to the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff, the new hypersonic missile required “considerable time” to properly function and was only in the early development stages.

It turns out that wasn’t true.

Boo Seung-chan, a spokesman for the South Korean Ministry of Defense, said that they regret that the missile was fired at a time so important to stabilizing the problems on the Korean peninsula.

Instead of de-escalating and reducing its military operations at a time when the country needs sanctions to be lifted just to be able to feed its own people, North Korea appears hellbent on exhibiting an aura of strength to the world.

As well as launching the new rocket, Kim Jong Un recently appointed his sister, Kim Yo Jong, to a position in his national government.

And she’s one tough cookie.