Killer Who Murdered Entire Family Still At Large

A murderer, who is still at large after killing a family (two adults, two children, and three pets), was sought by police. On Sunday, the victims’ bodies were discovered at a house in a Chicago suburb.

The bodies were discovered about eight o’clock at night in Romeoville, Illinois, with gunshot wounds, according to Deputy Chief Chris Burne of the Romeoville Police Department. According to Burne, the shootings occurred between Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

Police named the parents, Zoraida Bartolomei and Alberto Rolon, but the children’s identities were withheld. Homicide is suspected in their killings, Burne said.

After a relative reported a victim had missed work on a Sunday, police were dispatched to the residence to check on their welfare, as Burne recounted. When police arrived, they found four bodies, all of whom had been shot.

Police did not think that the culprit was one of the victims, Burne told the press on Monday. It’s not a case of murder-suicide. He said there wasn’t a shelter-in-place rule in effect for the neighborhood and that police were not actively looking for suspects in the area.

In the fatal shooting of the suburban Chicago family of four, the suspect, Nathaniel Huey Jr., of Illinois, was reported dead in a car wreck in Oklahoma on Wednesday, authorities said.

Romeoville Police Deputy Chief Chris Burne informed reporters during a press conference that Huey knew the victims, but he did not specify what that connection was. A plausible motivation for the shootings has been identified, according to Burne, who added that authorities are not saying what that motive is.

An electronic license plate detector near Catoosa, Oklahoma, identified Huey’s car. Burne stated Huey’s vehicle crashed and caught fire during an attempt to avoid police.

Burne said that two sounds were detected by responding cops and were identified as gunshots. A female passenger was found with a wound from a weapon and taken from the car. Her condition was described as critical.

Huey was discovered shot dead in the driver’s seat. The woman was reported missing/endangered from Streamwood, Illinois, and was characterized as having a link to Huey.