Kevin McCarthy Rallies Staffers To Get Ready For Midterm Investigations

( House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is starting preparation work to train staffers in the House GOP on how he would like to conduct investigations.

This is being done, according to sources, in case Republicans are able to gain control of the House following the midterm elections this November, which is a strong possibility. The GOP is likely to initiate investigations into some areas of President Joe Biden’s administration that have been highly criticized publicly.

Along with Illinois Representative Rodney Davis, McCarthy sent staffers a letter this week that invited them to attend “informational briefing(s)” that would prepare them for potential investigations.

As the email, which was obtained by Daily Caller, read:

“Leader McCarthy and Ranking Member Rodney Davis would like to invite you to attend this informational briefing with Jon Skladany, Chief Oversight Counsel for the Committee on Financial Services, and Rachel Kaldahl, Republican Staff Director for the Ways and Means Subcommittee on Oversight. This briefing will review the basics of performing effective oversight investigations and will highlight best practices to fulfill Congress’s Constitutional oversight obligations.”

Among some of the topics that are likely to come under scrutiny should Republicans re-take control of the House are the Biden administration’s botched military withdrawal from Afghanistan, coronavirus testing in general as well as the origins of the virus, the border policies the president has implemented as well as the business dealings of his son, Hunter Biden.

McCarthy scheduled the first training session for next week, and there are likely to be two more held sometime in September, according to sources.

As the GOP prepares for the strong possibility that they will have full control of the lower chamber of Congress, they are sending “hundreds of preservation notices” to the Biden administration, requesting that they preserve relevant documents that they might want to review.

As one aide told The Daily Caller:

“We’re just laying the groundwork now. We’re going to keep sending our letters. I would imagine at some point … those letters are re-packaged and we say, “Hey, you did not respond to this request we sent you six months ago. We expect you to turn over these documents.’

“We’re just getting ready. We keep conducting oversight. … We’ll be ready to roll in January with several investigations already prepared to go. Everything will be on the table.”

Among the possible targets of the investigation are Attorney General Merrick Garland and Alejandro Mayorkas, the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, who could both face potential impeachment, according to the aide.

House Republicans are trying to get ahead of the game should they indeed have control of the lower chamber come next January. All signs are pointing to that being the case following November’s midterm elections, as the overall sentiment around the country is that Democrats need to not be in control any longer.

And, based on what McCarthy is laying the groundwork for, they are not going to be happy with what they’re going to have to face as a result.