Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Records Hidden From Congress

( According to Mike Davis, the former chief counsel for the Senate Judiciary Committee, the Democrats are hiding records pertaining to Ketanji Jackson Brown’s tenure as vice-chair of the Sentencing Commission where she advocated for lenient sentencing for child sex predators.

During his opening statement on Monday, Judiciary Committee ranking member Chuck Grassley said that only 16,000 pages of documents have been released on Jackson while 48,000 pages were withheld by the White House under the Presidential Records Act and FOIA exemptions.

Senate Republicans were seeking records from 2010 to 2014 when Jackson was on the Sentencing Commission.

Mike Davis told Just the News last week that it is Judiciary Chair Dick Durbin who is refusing the Republicans’ request.

The week before her confirmation began, Senator Josh Hawley revealed that during her time on the commission, Jackson ignored sentencing guidelines to give extremely light sentences to child pornography offenders.

Davis, the founder of Article III Project said Republicans wanted to see Jackson’s “thought process” and what happened “behind the scenes when the cameras were off.”

In his opening statement, Grassley claimed that someone wants to keep that information hidden. He asked how they can conduct a thorough review of Jackson’s records when information is being withheld.

Davis accused Ketanji Brown Jackson of trying to reduce the punishment for child pornographers. He told Just the News if Jackson gets to the Supreme Court, “she can just do whatever the heck she wants under her empathy standard.”

When she was a law student at Harvard, Jackson wrote a paper criticizing what she claimed was “excessiveness” in the sentencing of sex offenders.

Davis warned that her leniency toward child sex predators is a 25-year pattern that proves she doesn’t view the possession or distribution of child porn as being that bad.