Kerry Echoes China’s Argument On Human Rights Sanctions

( The Biden administration has found a new way to avoid talking about human rights violations in China…they’re saying it’s hindering progress on climate change.

Reports reveal how senior Chinese officials have warned John Kerry, President Joe Biden’s special envoy on climate issues, that American support for human rights is threatening cooperation on climate change.

Kerry said that he will “certainly pass on” the full nature of the message he received from Chinese officials. He told journalists that on the one hand, the United States is saying that China needs to do more about the climate, and on the other hand, the U.S. is sanctioning their solar panels, which makes it harder for China to sell them.

Maybe if China stopped using slave labor to make those solar panels they wouldn’t need sanctions?

Kerry pledged to Chinese officials that he will pass on the message to President Joe Biden, following days of meetings with various high-ranking Chinese officials and representatives.

Those who engaged in the talks reportedly used it as an opportunity to get Biden to drop sanctions against China and to pressure the U.S. into stopping talking about ongoing human rights abuses in China.

The South China Morning Post, a Chinese Communist Party-operate state propaganda outlet, said that China already has its own road map and plans for achieving its climate goals.

The sanctions against Chinese-made solar panels were introduced by the Biden administration in June after it was revealed that Uyghur Muslim slaves were being used to manufacture them. Plants in the Xinjiang province are manufacturing those solar panels, and if these talks work out the way the Chinese hope, we could soon be using the product of slave labor on American homes and buildings.