Ken Paxton Blasts Biden In Post-Acquittal Statement

Attorney General Ken Paxton of Texas was acquitted on all 16 articles of impeachment presented against him in a historic vote by the Texas Senate. After months of political bickering within the Republican Party, including a “mock impeachment” engineered by a group of Texas RINOs that included Bush and Rove family allies, the AG was finally acquitted.

A famous right commentator, DC Draino, called out two Republican senators who voted for Paxton’s impeachment, telling voters to “PRIMARY THEM”; they were Robert Nichols of District 3 and Kelly Hancock of District 9.

Attorney General Ken Paxton released a message expressing gratitude to his friends, colleagues, and family. Paxton said he’d go into more detail on Tucker Carlson’s show next week.

Paxton said the 4.2 million Texans who voted for him last year are greatly appreciated. He will “never forget your vote,” and he promised to keep fighting for the rule of law and our fundamental rights as long as he is in office.

He said he appreciated the state senators who did the right thing and didn’t try to nullify an election. He enjoyed how his lawyers have brought attention to the ludicrous nature of the accusations.

He expressed his gratitude to Angela, his wife, calling her the shining star of his household and a courageous woman of unwavering faith and unimpeachable honesty.

Paxton said that using the impeachment process as a political tool is unethical and corrupt. He said now that the disgraceful procedure was done, he could return to protecting constitutional rights.

In conclusion, he assured the Biden Administration that its lawless policies would be met with opposition.

“We will not stand by while you violate Texans’ rights and shred the constitution. You’ll have to answer for your actions,” Paxton warned.

After remaining silent about the attack on Paxton, Texas Governor Greg Abbott commented, “The jury has spoken.”