Kayleigh McEnany Hired By Fox News

(PresidentialWire.com)- Kayleigh McEnany, the former White House press secretary, has found herself a new job.

On Tuesday, Fox News announced that she will join their network as an on-air commentator. The news isn’t all that surprising, as rumors swirled that McEnany would find herself a position as a contributor to a media company after she left the White House. She once was a contributor to CNN.

Harris Faulkner, a host for Fox News, made the announcement on Tuesday, saying:

“It is my distinct pleasure to welcome Kayleigh McEnany to the Fox family. We will be seeing much more of her.”

Giving her first interview since she left her position at the White House, McEnany told Faulkner she didn’t believe Trump was responsible for the riots at the U.S. Capitol building on January 6. She said:

“We had been to hundreds of rallies … They were nothing but peaceful events. We expected that day to be the same.”

McEnany served as a spokesperson for the 2020 re-election campaign of former President Donald Trump. Last spring, she assumed the role of White House press secretary.

She now joins a list of former Trump advisors and aides who found employment at Fox News.

Sarah Sanders, who also served as a press secretary under Trump, was with Fox News until she recently left to pursue the governorship in Arkansas. Hope Hicks, who was the long-time communications director for Trump, joined Fox Corp. in 2018, serving as the executive vice president and chief communications officer for the parent company of Fox News. She would later return to a White House duty, though.

Larry Kudlow, who served as an economic director under Trump, also recently joined Fox Business Network. There, he hosts his own TV show.

McEnany’s hiring didn’t come without some severe kickback from veterans of the Fox News staff. The Daily Beast reported that some within the Fox News ranks were not happy with the hiring. One insider at Fox News told the Daily Beast:

“It’s truly disgusting they fired hard-working journalists who did care about facts and news reporting only to turn around and hire a mini-Goebbels whose incessant lies from the White House helped incite an insurrection on our democracy that got five people killed, including a police officer. Post-Trump Fox is quickly becoming a very scary place and quite dangerous for our democracy.

“It’s not even conservative news anymore. They’ve plunged into an alternate reality where extremist propaganda is the only course on the menu.”

But, it seemed inevitable that McEnany would make her way over to Fox News following her time in the White House. She began her career in media working on a Fox show with Mike Huckabee. She even made multiple appearances on the show “Red Eye” on the network.

She then transitioned from Fox News over to CNN, where she served as a pundit for pro-Trump news among a network of seemingly ultra-liberal voices. That led her to rise quickly up to the White House, where she last served as press secretary.