Kari Lake Told To “Shut Up” On CNN

(Presidentialwire.com)- Kari Lake’s continued attempts to cast doubt on the results of the Arizona gubernatorial campaign, in which Democrat Katie Hobbs purportedly beat her, have reached the breaking point for CNN’s Scott Jennings.

In her latest video presentation on the results, Lake described Arizona’s most recent election day as the “most chaotic” in the state’s history. She noted the severe malfunctions caused by non-operational voting equipment as the primary reason for her skepticism.

She questioned, “If fifty percent of an airplane’s engines failed to operate, would you still get on?”

In the past, election officials in Arizona, particularly in Maricopa County, have refuted accusations that there is a conspiracy around the outcomes of elections in that state.

Jennings, a former special assistant to the president under George W. Bush, responded to the election doubting on CNN by dismissing Lake’s accusations and claiming that she should head to court if she thought she had actual proof of fraud.

“In my opinion, if you have evidence, you should take it to court and shut up if you don’t,” Jennings instructed.

He said that the majority of people in the country agree that we just had an election, the winners won, and the losers conceded.

Jennings said, “Most people in the country — we had an election, the winners won, the losers conceded. Most places, this worked out. Arizona, I just think we got a different result … I think it’s unfortunate for the people who are out there trying to do their duty and count the votes, and I hope they’re safe, but broadly, this went okay. In Arizona, we have an issue, and I think people should respect the results of elections.”

Lake declared earlier in the week that she had assembled the “best and brightest” legal community members for her team to mount a challenge to the election results in Arizona. Officials with the Maricopa County government have stated that there is no evidence of the fraud that Lake and others have been referring to.

“I am still in this fight with you. I’ve sounded the alarm about Arizona’s flawed electoral system for two years. The past week has verified what we’ve been saying,” Lake said.