Kari Lake Skyrockets In New Polls

(Presidentialwire.com)- In a boost for Republican Kari Lake, who is attempting to have the Arizona governor election results overturned in the courts, most Americans believe that the losing candidate in an election should have the ability to contest an outcome.

Election integrity has been an issue in American politics since it’s been rumored that Kennedy stole the election from Nixon in 1960. Voter fraud has risen to prominence as Donald Trump continues to assert that he was the genuine victor of the 2020 presidential election.

On January 28 and 29, 2023, a poll of “1,500 individuals in the United States” was conducted on the issue of election outcomes. Fifty-six percent of Americans believe that Lake “should have the ability to contest an election result,” according to Redfield & Wilton Strategies research done exclusively for Newsweek.

Only 17 percent of Americans believe losing candidates shouldn’t be allowed to challenge election results, according to another 22 percent of survey respondents.

It was also discovered that 26% of Americans “don’t believe” the honesty of the American election process.

Democratic challenger Katie Hobbs beat Lake in the race to become governor of Arizona; she won by only 17,000 votes and took office on January 2.

A Maricopa County court dismissed Lake’s allegations of election fraud in December, but the Republican promptly declared her intention to appeal and has said she would take the matter to the Arizona Supreme Court.

But Lake may be in some hot water.

Attorney General Kris Mayes of Arizona was requested on Monday to look into Lake’s alleged release of voter signatures without authorization by fellow Democrat Secretary of State Adrian Fontes.

The investigation is focused on an image Lake tweeted on January 23 that included the signatures of 16 Arizona voters. It is against the state’s law to reveal voters’ signatures without getting their permission.

Neama Rahmani, a former federal prosecutor and the head of West Coast Trial Lawyers, cautioned Lake that she might wind up “a defendant in criminal court” in a Newsweek interview.

According to Arizona law, he said Lake seems to have committed a crime. The voter or an authorized person may only publish voter signatures, and Lake is neither. If her office accepts the recommendation for prosecution, the Arizona attorney general will just need the tweet to all of Lake’s followers as proof.