Kari Lake Sends Heckler Running After One Simple Question

According to a report, Kari Lake continues to be a target of left-wing vitriol, but she can dish it right back.

The Republican, who is still battling in court over the humiliating troubles that plagued Arizona’s election for governor last year, was speaking at her alma school, the University of Iowa in Des Moines, this month when she was momentarily interrupted by hecklers.

Lake posted a video from that day on her Twitter, suggesting how one should deal with far-left hecklers.

A guy in the audience yelled that Lake was a fascist liar.

Lake remained calm on stage and asked him in what way.

He then ran away, but the crowd still had plenty to say to him. They told him the only fascist there was him.

Someone yelled that he was a bedwetter that should run home to his mommy.

Appropriately, Lake was interrupted just as she was lamenting the “brainwashing” that has replaced actual instruction in far too many American classrooms.

Lake then said she would debate that person at any time

A hypothetical primary survey shows that most Arizona Republicans support nominating Kari Lake for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in 2024.

J.L. Partners found that, although she has not officially entered the race, Lake would have support from 38% of Republicans and independents if she ran against incumbent Independent Senator Kyrsten Sinema in Arizona. With 29 percent of the vote, she is over 30 points ahead of her closest competitor, Republican gubernatorial primary opponent Karrin Taylor Robson, who has 10 percent.

According to reports, Katie Hobbs, the new Democratic governor of Arizona, established a record for blocking the most laws in a legislative session, placing her among the three most unpopular governors in the country.

In a close race for the office of Arizona Governor, Hobbs edged over Republican Kari Lake in November.

Lake had a continuous lead in the polls leading up to the election, including a 3.5 percentage point advantage, according to Real Clear Politics.